Call for Animators on (big) data – extened deadlines for submission!

May 16, 2014

“Data is the new oil” has become a common expression for decision-makers, and mentioned in several occasions by VicePresident Neelie Kroes. A Google search turns up more than one billion results. But what is the data economy? How much is it worth? What are its key components? And how is Europe positioned?

Today, both market data and communities are fragmented: we have estimates on the economic impact of opening up government data; thriving communities for opening up scientific data; research about the value of personal data; startups thriving on big data services. We lack an integrated overview.

In this context, the European Data Market study aims to define, assess and measure the European data economy, supporting the achievement of the Data Value Chain policy of the European Commission. Additionally, supporting above-mentioned aims it also plans to support the development of the community of relevant stakeholders in the EU. Since the “data community” in Europe is already strong albeit very diverse, dispersed in several communities, the study wants to move from disparate communities to a genuine stakeholders’ ecosystem.

The identification of stakeholders and their peer-to-peer exchange will be facilitated by a network of high- profile animators.
To identify those animators, we call on data practitioners and researchers to submit a short piece of work.

Expected Contributions
The contribution, no longer than 4 pages, should be structured into two main parts:
• In the first part the contributors should provide an outline of one inspirational case of innovative application of data/big data (that already has some evidence on impact).
• In the second part the contributors should list recommended networking channels, e.g. conferences, workshops, websites, social media, and other means of reaching stakeholders.
• A brief bio should be included.

Award Scheme
Authors of up to four best contributions of this call will be invited to join the study Animators Committee. The selection will be carried out by senior researchers of the partner organizations (Open Evidence and IDC). Beside the visibility and the opportunity to shape the European policy agenda, each member of the Animators Committee will receive a lump sum of 2000 EUR for participation in the networking activities of the project.

Tasks of the animators
Concretely, the animation will take the form of 1 online contribution per month in 2014 and 2015, in order to seed discussions in the relevant data and big data communities. Contributions can include current policy issues, innovative data and big data applications in business and policy, stakeholders needs and challenges and can take the form of news, blog posts, interventions in online fora and mailing lists.

Submissions should be sent to this e-mail address:

Extended day for submission: 24th October 2014
Selection day: 7th November 2014