Co-designing the GIPO platform – 1st live workshop on Global Internet Policy Observatory

June 2, 2015

The first interactive workshop on Global Internet Policy Observatory under the title: Co-designing the GIPO platform will take place in Sofia, on 4th June 2015 during EuroDIG 2015Shaping the internet together conference.

The Co-designing the GIPO platform workshop is an invitation for open discussion and collaboration on the technological developments of the platform during three working sessions on specific issues related to the development of the platform.  It is a part of Global Internet Policy Observatory series of webinars and workshops aimed at engaging all those interested in Internet Governance in an active discussion on the development of the GIPO platform.

Purpose of the workshop:

- Introducing and illustrating the objectives of GIPO,

- Understanding the needs of community and engage them in active collaboration,

- Identifying new solutions together.

After presentations from keynote speakers, participants will be invited to contribute to the development of the GIPO platform by taking part in one of the three working sessions´ debates.

This workshop is  part of Global Internet Policy Observatory engagement activities  -  one of series of 7 webinars and 2 workshops organized in order to update and engage the community on the development of the platform.