Emergence by Design webinar “How to Evaluate Social Innovation? ICT tools for Dynamic Evaluation”

January 19, 2015

The webinar is the second of two webinars planned within the scope of communication activities of the MD project. The aim of the study is to support promoters for social change by developing a community around new theory, practices and tools. 

The purpose of this second webinar is to present the ICT tools developed by the MD project that are to be used for Dynamic Evaluation, which is a new approach to evaluation aimed at providing “real time feedbacks” to innovation project initiators and designers, as well as to all people and organizations affected by these projects, about the transformations and changes that are occurring in the agents-artifacts space considered.

More in particular the ICT tools will help social innovation practitioners in using the practices and processes developed, and thus enabling them to construct effective narrative communities.
The webinar offers also the opportunity to bridge the gaps between the fragmented and disperse community of social innovators, ICT makers and data analysts in Europe and identify commonalities and opportunities for collaboration. Speakers and participants are welcome to share stories on the evaluation of social innovation.

To present the methodology, the Emergence by Design consortium is holding a webinar on Wednesday the 28 of January at 12:00 CET. In order to attend the webinar, please register here.

More information on the project is available at

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement n. 284625