Give your contribution to the mapping of alternative funding mechanisms for scientific research

October 7, 2014

Research and innovation policy is evolving towards an increase in the “innovation policy mix”, in a culture of experimentation of  novel approaches to innovation in policy-making. As part of this trend, research funding  itself has substantially evolved in recent years in order to meet the challenges of increased  international competition and respond to the results of its evaluation.

In this context, Open Evidence currently conducts an exploratory study on“Alternative mechanism for scientific research”, on behalf of European Commission’s Joint Research Centre-Institute for Prospective Technological Studies.

The mapping is aimed at gathering the widest set of examples of alternative funding mechanisms for scientific research in order to better define their nature and scope. We identified a set of case studies in terms of: geographical coverage, type of funding instruments, discipline and assessment of research proposals.

If you are aware of some mechanisms that are not depicted in the mapping yet, you are welcome to add these to the mapping list.