Open Evidence participates in the study on “European Union Low Emitting cars” (EULES)

February 1, 2015

Road transport is one of the main sources of air pollution. Cars alone are responsible for around 12% of total EU emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), the main greenhouse gas.

In order to help consumers purchase less polluting vehicles, the European Commission is considering a voluntary emission standard. It should also encourage manufactures to produce less-emitting vehicles and serve as a benchmark for authorities when developing policies that promote cleaner transportation.

The voluntary EULES (European Union Low Emitting carS) standard may fulfil these expectations after legal and technical assessment, including the appropriate conformity levels and market response to such a standard.

The legal and technical assessment of the EULES standard is led by International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis and coordinated by EMISIA, in collaboration with AVL List GmbH, and the International Council for Clean Transportation. Open Evidence is responsible for the behavioural part of the study on consumer understanding and acceptability of the standard.