Open Evidence wins tender to conduct a “Behavioural Study on the Transparency of Online Platforms”

April 3, 2017

We are glad to announce that Open Evidence, in consortium with the London School of Economics, TNS Opinion, The Behavioural Insights Team and the University of Valencia has been commissioned to conduct the “Behavioural Study on the Transparency of Online Platforms”. The overall purpose of the study is to understand the impact on consumer trust and behaviour of enhanced transparency of online platforms towards their private users (consumers) in three specific areas, namely the criteria used by platform operators; the identity of contracting parties involved in the transactions enabled or facilitated by the platforms; and quality controls established by platform operators (or lack thereof) on the review, rating and endorsement systems.

The consortium will use their expertise in the area to assess whether or not consumers have more trust in platforms overall and make better decisions when there is a higher level of transparency concerning these items; that is, more and/or better information about them. The study will also provide behaviourally-informed insights on the most effective and efficient content and presentation features of any eventual information display, including where and when it such be displayed, for users to derive maximum benefit from it.