Open Evidence wins the tender for the study on industry participation in the Framework Programmes

January 18, 2015

Open Evidence, together with Ernst & Young, has won the tender for the study “An analysis of the role and impact of industry participation in the Framework Programmes” as part of the European Commission studies to evaluate the performance of FP7.

The goal of the study is to analyse industry participation in FP6 and FP7 by studying participation patterns (reasons for participating or not participating, differences between SME and large enterprises, concentration in specific themes…) and by examining the impact of this participation on innovation and job creation.

The study will include a systematic literature review, quantitative and qualitative analysis of data obtained from firms’ datasets, interviews and case studies, and includes a counterfactual evaluation to assess the impact on job creation.

The objective of the analysis is to write valuable policy recommendations that can help to improve the performance of Framework Programmes, their impact on industry innovation and their potential for the creation of employment opportunities.