Open Evidence wins the tender on Integrated Care

February 20, 2014

Open Evidence has won the tender on Integrated Care awarded by the Institute for prospective technological Studies (IPTS), one of the European Commission Research Centres. The study will highlight the role of ICT in integrated care and the expected impact of ICT in terms of health outcomes and health care system efficiency by means of case studies conducted in 15 countries.

Open Evidence will integrate its core team of analysts and researchers with key experts and practitioners of chronic diseases and integrated care, one for each of the designated region/country under study. They will perform the role of key informants and integrate the expertise and capacity of its core team by performing activities such as selecting and justifying cases and stakeholders to be interviewed, gather relevant secondary sources, provide tacit knowledge about the cases and their content, as well as indentify, contact and interview stakeholders. The study will be conducted for a period of 7 months.