Presentation of the Results of the Kublai project Evaluation – Rome, 21st of October 2014

November 5, 2014

On Tuesday October 21st 2014 took place in Rome the presentation of the results of the evaluation of the Kublai project carried out by Open Evidence within the scope of the event “Kublai – Punto a capo: Valutazione e prospettive di un’esperienza pilota di innovazione sociale”. The aim of the event was to start from the results of the evaluation with the aim of discussion the future developments of the project.

Kublai is a collaborative environment for the development of ideas and projects, created in 2008, which main objective is helping to turn good ideas into projects having an impact on the development of a territory. It seeks to create collaborative relationships among the promoters of the most innovative and stimulating and provides assistance on the design through a team of experts. This study focuses on the assessment to which extent the objectives of the Kublai project have been reached, as well as needs of the community for the services provided by the project itself by the means of the impact evaluation framework developed thereof.

The event has been organised by UVAL (Unità di valutazione degli investimenti pubblici – Unit for the Evaluation of Public Investments) of the Department for Development and Economic Cohesion (DPS) of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

The speakers at the event were: Tito Bianchi e Paola Casavola (UVAL – DPS), David Osimo and Francesco Mureddu (Open Evidence), Carlo Borgomeo (Fondazione con il Sud), Lina D’Amato (Invitalia), Alessandro Messina (Federcasse), Francesco Profumo (Gruppo IREN), Carlo Mango (Fondazione CARIPLO).

During the event have been presented also two video contributions by Simon Ulvund and Ana Garcia, members of the Advisory Group.