Publication of Case Study Reports on Integrated Care conducted by Open Evidence

February 19, 2015

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre has published seven out of 16 Case Study Reports on Integrated Care conducted by Open Evidence. These cases were analysed using a methodological framework developed with Open Evidence researchers. The framework devises an approach for the selection and development of case studies on ICT-enabled integrated care services, and provides the analytical basis for the analysis that rests on an extensive review of the literature, as well as a preliminary screening of cases across Europe. The reports currently available are:

The reports analyse the services of integrated care for older chronic patients, including telehealth, telecare, Electronic Health Record, independent living solutions and other ICT solutions with the objective of identifying best practices and operational guidelines for further implementation of current business models of integrated care services in European regions.

Open Evidence has used its expertise in the area of integrated care to develop a full methodological set-up to facilitate the definition of best practices and identify the potential transferability of specific practices to other regions and settings. The methodological approach developed by Open Evidence has been used in sixteen different integrated care contexts to assess the level of integrated care and the impact of ICT on facilitating integration of healthcare and social care.