Our article on Government 2.0 published in Telecommunications Policy

May 21, 2014


On 20 May 2014 Telecommunications Policy published “Collaborative approaches to public sector innovation: A scoping study”, conducted a.o. by Katarzyna Szkuta and David Osimo from Open Evidence.

The article explores on the meaning of collaboratively delivering online public services, the success factors as based on the cases subject to the study, as well as the incentives for service providers, citizens as users and public administration. The analysis of six case studies of innovative collaborative online public services suggests that the online collaborative public service delivery increases its quality with the user´s growth contrary to the traditional offline service delivery. The study results indicate that the current developer´s interest lies in delivering complementary services to the government run services rather than substitutive services.

The article results form part of a wider study on Collaborative Production in e-Government commissioned by the European Commission (SMART 2010-0075) and carried out throughout 2011. The full report has been published by the European Commission in December 2012 .