Recommendation 2016 concerning standards on eAccessibility and eInclusion

May 29, 2017

A recommendation concerning standards on eAccessibility and eInclusion has been developed in the framework of the IN LIFE project. This recommendation has been prepared by the International Information Centre for Terminology (Infoterm).

Since 2010, technical committees in standards organisations at national, European and international level have developed hundreds of standards dealing with eAccessibility and eInclusion matters. Standard developing organisations (SDOs) have also played a relevant part in developing industry standards. Furthermore, there are thousands of standards that have a bearing on persons with disabilities.

The implementation of the Recommendation 2016 is meant to be a tool to help in the identification of relevant standards on eAccessibility and eInclusion, and hence to avoid major breaches of the European Accessibility Act. It proposes several measures to enhance the interoperability of eAccessibility & eInclusion related products and services and hence to deliver a benefit to the users of standards. The recommendation emphasises the importance of coordinating standardizing activities across technical committees and SDOs, in order to enhance content coherence among standards about similar themes and thus help industry and other organisations to comply with standards’ requirements. It also recommends to implement supportive measures aimed at three objectives, (a) to promote certification schemes based on standard about eAcessibility and eInclusion, (b) to encourage education and training activities regarding such standards, and (c) to enhance the positive role that media and civil society can play in this field.

In order to endorse the recommendation, interested agents have to complete an online form available on the website of AAATE, the Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe who is also a partner of the IN LIFE project.