Second Inlife Meeting in Budapest

September 10, 2015


This week, Open Evidence participated in the Second INLIFE meeting with the Consortium partners in the Novotel Budapest to discuss the progress made in the project.

The issue of promoting the Quality of Life of elderly citizens with cognitive impairments and prolonging their autonomy and independent living capacity is a truly pan-European one, which cannot be solved by any national or regional research initiative alone. INLIFE brings together 20 partners from 9 EU countries in a truly pan-European Consortium in order to develop solutions adequate for Europe and beyond. It is carrying out major long-term pilots in 4 regions (North: UK, Sweden; Central: The Netherlands; South: Spain, Greece; East: Slovenia) in order to study behavioural patterns, socio-economic structure impacts and technological acceptance levels across Europe.

The competences needed for the project are distributed all over Europe: that is why leading experts and motived companies  have been chosen to participate in the project to summon expertise and knowledge in the area. Only by combining efforts and expertise of all scientific and industrial partners we can ensure that the INLIFE project not only represents technical progress, but will also impact the general public.