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Give your contribution to the mapping of alternative funding mechanisms for scientific research

Research and innovation policy is evolving towards an increase in the “innovation policy mix”, in a culture of experimentation of  novel approaches to innovation in policy-making. As part of this trend, research funding  itself has substantially evolved in recent years in order to meet the challenges of increased  international competition and respond to the results… Read more »

Alternative funding mechanisms for science

Crowdfunding, philantropy, inducement prizes are some of the emerging ways to fund science. The European Commission Joint Research Centre has asked us to look more into this in order to understand the implications of alternative funding. Are they more effective in translating research results to market? Do they involve new players? Do they favour certain… Read more »

Analysis of alternative funding mechanisms for scientific research


The study, carried out on behalf of the European Commission Joint Research Centre, sheds light on scientific research within the EU that is funded outside the traditional funding systems and performed by both traditional stakeholders such as university governance, as well as new stakeholders such as the public sector, industry and the private sector. The… Read more »



Futurium is the online platform launched by the Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology of the European Commission to enable a broad reflection on future European policies.

Open Innovation


The project aims at analysing and redefining how knowledge is created and shared within and outbound the organization.