The study on the current situation and future challenges of the architecture profession in Catalonia has been published

December 20, 2016

The study on the situation of architects in Catalonia, in which Open Evidence was responsible for the technical direction, has been published in Catalan and it is now available on the COAC website.

The report, entitled Els arquitectes. Situació, oportunitats i perspectives (The architects. Situation, opportunities and prospects) aimed at describing and analysing the professional situation of the Catalan architects. An online survey was distributed last spring to the members of the Architects’ Association of Catalonia (COAC) as well as to architects who did not belong to the professional organisation. The latter were reached through the schools of architecture in Catalonia. In total, more than 1700 architects replied to the survey, which represented a very satisfactory turn-out. All the information provided was collated and analysed in order to write the final report, which covered several domains such as the architects’ working conditions (including, among others, the type of contract, working hours, and annual salary), the activities that are more prevalent among them, the situation of the enterprises, and professionals’ opinion on the sector’s current situation and future prospects.

The COAC organised a conference to present the results of the study, as part of the Architecture Congress 2016. The presentation was followed by a roundtable with experts, including representatives of other architects’ associations, people in charge of lifelong learning programmes, and an economist. Finally, there was an open discussion with all the attendees.